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For homicide cases please send a photo of the victim taken
shortly before their deaths. Samples of handwriting can be helpful.
Send copies, no originals.
A map with their place of work or school, their home and the last
reliable sighting marked on it. Also note where the remains were
Include the date of the last reliable sighting and the date the
remains were located.
Copies of the crime scene photos are needed as Nancy works
very much like a profiler does.
Do not include any speculation as to what happened. That can be
distracting. Nancy prefers to approach the case free of any extra
information. This also helps people to understand that what Nancy
gets comes from her abilities and not someone else's ideas.

The tools needed for missing person's are the same with the
exception of the obvious materials that will not be available.

For general private readings Nancy uses the person's name and
their location. If you would like to send photos that is fine but it isn't
necessary. Please include daytime phone numbers and your email
address so I can reach you to get you scheduled.

If you send materials that need to be returned include a self
addressed stamped mailer with the proper postage.

Current rates: $100 for half an hour
$200 for an hour

Please send me your phone number and email address so that I
can contact you quickly to get you scheduled. Right now I do most
of my scheduling by email. It 's much faster that way.

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     Nancy Myer M.A.
       PO Box 3015
  Greensburg, PA 15601
      Tel: 724-539-9299

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